Land Drainage Byelaws 2019

Section 66 and Schedule 5 to the Land Drainage Act 1991


Land Drainage (Gwynedd Council) Byelaws 2019

On  19th March 2019 Gwynedd Council (“the Council”) made the byelaws under the above provisions; and in making such byelaws the Council followed and adopted the Welsh Government ‘s recommended Byelaws Model. The purpose of the byelaws is to enable the Council to improve flood management within its area.

Notice is hereby formally given, after 26th April 2019, the Council intends to apply to the Welsh Minister for confirmation of the byelaws. Should any person wish to object to the Welsh Minister’s intended confirmation then he or she should by 26th April 2019 at the latest, write to the Council’s Head of Legal Services:

Iwan G. Evans,
Head of Legal Services
Cyngor Gwynedd
Council Offices
Shirehall Street
LL55 1SH 
(Reference: YMG.494). 

giving reasons for his/her objection. Such objections will then be sent to the Welsh Minister for her consideration.   

Copies of the byelaws as made have been deposited at Siop Gwynedd, Council Offices at Caernarfon (Castle Street), Pwllheli (The Embankment) and Dolgellau (Penarlâg), and shall at all reasonable hours be open to public inspection without charge. Also on application (for example, by phoning the below mentioned telephone number) the Council shall furnish any person with a copy of the byelaws, or of any part thereof, and free of charge. They are also to be seen on the Council’s website by following the link: Home/Have your say/Live Consultations.

Upon the Council’s application the Minister may  confirm (with or without modifications) or refuse to confirm the byelaws, and may fix a date  on which the byelaws shall come into operation, and if no date is so fixed the byelaws shall come into operation at the expiration of one month from the date of its confirmation.

A copy of the byelaws when confirmed (with or with no modification) shall be printed  and deposited  at Siop Gwynedd, Council Offices as aforesaid and shall at all reasonable hours  be open to  public inspection  without charge, and again a copy thereof  shall  appear on the Council’s website, and on application  be furnished  to any person free of charge.


Rhydian Roberts on 01341 424422 would be in a position to answer informal inquiries/applications.

Dated: 20th March 2019