What services are important to you?

Thank you to everyone that took part in the public survey “Which services are important to you?” 

Around 2,500 Gwynedd people and organisations took part in the exercise and the main messages received will be given full consideration as Gwynedd councillors agree on the financial strategy over the coming months. 

The final confirmation from the government regarding the financial settlement for 2019/20 means that Gwynedd Council will now face a financial gap of £13 million for next year alone. 

Dilwyn Williams, Gwynedd Council’s Chief Executive, said: 

“What is clear from the recent engagement exercise is that many of the public services which the Council provides are important or essential to Gwynedd people or to a specific group or community within the county. 

“In accordance with what residents have said, the report that will be presented to Gwynedd’s Cabinet will recommend that the Council implements a further £1.5 million of efficiency savings to the Council’s central services in order to safeguard frontline services as much as possible. As an extra step to prevent cutting services, we will also consider various ways of increasing income, something that possibly will not be popular with everyone, but is a step that will allow councillors to defend additional frontline services. 

“The challenging task for councillors over the coming weeks and months will be to consider the various possible options before agreeing as a full Council on the final financial strategy for 2019/20. As part of the process, there will be a further opportunity early in the new year for the people of Gwynedd to present their comments on the detailed proposals.” 


The next steps are:

  • On 18 December 2018 Gwynedd’s Cabinet met to consider the results of the consultation.
  • Following this, every Gwynedd councillor discussed the possible proposals to meet the financial deficit. The county’s residents had an opportunity to respond to the detailed proposals during the Financial Strategy Consultation.
  • On 7 March 2019 all Gwynedd councillors met and agreed on the financial strategy for 2019/20.  

To read the full report, please click this link.