Praise for community champions

Date: 25/04/2019

A national charity has paid tribute to a group of Gwynedd councillors for their hard work in raising funds and awareness.

The elected members were nominated for the Fundraising Team of the Year award in the annual Prostate Cymru Awards for their Trôns Dy Dad campaign.

Despite not winning the main prise, the crew were heaped with praise for raising £8,000 and just as importantly for raising awareness of prostate cancer – a condition which affects one in eight Welsh men and causes the death of 11,000 British men each year. They were presented with a certificate by Welsh rugby legends Eddie Butler and Bob Norster.

The charity and awareness raising events have included:

  • Trôns Dy Dad family funday at Caernarfon with live music, stalls and food;
  • Two sponsored walks in Caernarfon – around the castle and along the Aber Foreshore;
  • Race night at Copa, Caernarfon;
  • Charity stall at Mona car boot sale;
  • Supermarket bag packing.

Attending the Prostate Cymru ambassador’s lunch and awards ceremony in Cardiff was a real honour, according to Councillor Roy Owen.

He said: “It was a great event, I was really proud when our names and the Gwynedd Council logo came up on the screen before the audience.

“It was an opportunity to tell them about the funday we had organised last September and that more than 70 people, including a team of urology nurses, had taken part in the sponsored walk.

“We are already planning the next funday which will be held on 31 August and more events for the year ahead. We are very grateful to the local community for all their support.”

Raising awareness of prostate cancer, and the work of Prostate Cymru, is a cause which is close to the heart of Councillor Dilwyn Lloyd. He said: “My father died of prostate cancer 20 years ago. He was very poorly, I’ve never seen such a cruel condition, despite having worked in geriatric health for many years.

“I think that it’s very important that we raise awareness of it, so that more men take better care of themselves and go and see their doctor of they’re concerned that something isn’t right. We Welsh are more likely to suffer this sort of cancer – one of every eight British men will get it but the chances are higher for the men of Wales, it’s in our genetic makeup.

“I was also keen to support Prostate Cymru because of the good work that they do. In the past, men from Wales had to go to England for treatment if they developed this sort of cancer. But since this charity was founded more than 15 years ago money has been raised to ensure that treatment is available closer to home.”

The other Gwynedd Councillors who are organising the event are: Jason Parry, Peter Garlick, Stephen Churchman, Kevin Morris Jones and Elwyn Jones. 

Keep an eye out for more “Trôns Dy Dad” events and fundraisers – search for the charity on Facebook or you can donate by contacting any of the councillors involved:

Photo: Councillor Roy Owen, Councillor Dilwyn Lloyd and Councillor Stephen Churchman with the runners up certificate presented to them at the Prostate Cymru Ambassadors Lunch.