Fun Fest – a musical event for young people in Porthmadog

Date: 06/02/2020
1Kizzy Crawford

What have you got planned with the children for the spring half term? There’ll be an Arts Festival held in Porthmadog at the Football Club Tuesday afternoon, 18 February from 1pm until 4pm. It’s a festival that’s been tailored and arranged to be appropriate for children and young adults with additional needs to attend with their friends and families.


On the day the popular singer Kizzy Crawford and the local performer Sera will be singing, Elen Williams will hold art activities, DJ Stretch will have music for everyone to dance along with, face painting and plenty of fun.


They’ll also provide a quiet room for when you’ll need a rest from all the entertainment where there’s a chance for calming activities. Food and soft drinks will be provided throughout the afternoon to maintain the energy for all the activities.


Councillor Gareth Thomas, Gwynedd Councils’ Cabinet Member who is responsible for the arts said:


“I’m delighted to see this exciting event arranged for the half term holiday. Unfortunately, conventional music festivals can prove to be challenging for children and young adults with additional needs because they’re so noisy and hectic. This is a shame because the arts bring a lot of comfort to them.


“Everyone has the right to enjoy music and we’re glad to able to offer a specific festival that gives children and young adults the chance to enjoy and appreciate the importance of the arts.”


This special Festival has been jointly-arranged by Amser Ni, Derwen and Carers Outreach Service and funded by Community Arts Gwynedd. The idea progressed when they had the vision for a special Music Festival that individuals with additional needs could enjoy.


You’ll need to pre-order your tickets, BUT they’re cost-free. A whole afternoon of activities and entertainment for free! You can order them through either calling 01248 370797 or on the website . There’s more of information -

Come to experience this brand new Festival.


PHOTOGRAPH: Kizzy Crawford who will be performing in the festival in Porthmadog