Ysgol Llanaelhaearn

Date: 20/02/2020

Following a statutory consultation period on the future of Ysgol Llanaelhaearn due to a concern over low pupil numbers, a decision to publish the proposal to close Ysgol Llanaelhaearn on 31 August 2020. This means that a 28 day ‘objection period’ will be held in March 2020.

The Council’s Cabinet approved the decision at its meeting on the 18 February. This follows a statutory consultation period, and careful consideration of the responses received.

Councillor Cemlyn Rees Williams, Cabinet Member for Education said:

“We have been discussing the critical situation that the school is facing with the relevant stakeholders since June 2019, ensuring that we give due consideration to any possible options to try to resolve the challenges the school faces.

"Following consideration of the comments received during the consultation, we remain of the view that no other option was going to address these challenges.”

There has been concern over the school’s current low numbers, and the significant fall in pupil numbers since 2012 when 42 pupils were on the register. There are now eight pupils at the school and are taught in two classes - one class of three and one class of five.

Councillor Cemlyn Rees Williams added:

“One thing that came to light during the consultation was that the children and parents of Ysgol Llanaelhaearn are eager to continue to attend Ysgol Chwilog, as they have already been attending for two afternoons a week for some time.

“Current pupils at Ysgol Llanaelhaearn already know Ysgol Chwilog’s head teacher, teachers and pupils. It seems likely therefore that they will apply to transfer here rather than transfer to Ysgol Bro Plenydd.”

Following the 'objection period' the Cabinet will consider any objections before making its final decision in the spring.