SAIN 50 exhibition at Storiel, Bangor

Date: 24/01/2020
Sain yn Storiel_2

The new exhibition at Storiel, Bangor takes a look at the history of the Sain recording company over the past fifty years.

This is shown through a selection of photographs, letters, posters, record and CD covers as well as an 8 track recording machine from 1975, which was the first multi-track recorder at Sain. You can see some of the many and varied artists who have recorded with Sain over the years

Sain was formed in 1969 by Dafydd Iwan and Huw Jones, with the help of Brian Morgan Edwards. The aim was to improve the sound on Welsh-language records and to transform the way they were marketed and sold.

‘Dŵr’ by Huw Jones was the first record to be released on the new label. A studio in London was hired during June 1969, with Meic Stevens producing. With the help of Heather Jones and many of Meic’s friends who played in bands in London, ‘Dŵr’ was recorded and created a completely new sound for the Welsh entertainment world.

This was the start of the Welsh-language music revolution!

The SAIN 50 exhibition is open at Storiel, Bangor until 18 April.

Image: Part of the SAIN 50 exhibition at Storiel, Bangor.