Application for new low-energy housing in Caernarfon

Date: 11/06/2019

A planning application has been submitted by Gwynedd Council's Housing Department to install four pods which have been designed by the authority's staff which will provide temporary fixed accommodation for individuals.

These houses which would be located on the former site of Ysgol Pendalar in the Segontium area of ​​Caernarfon would provide purpose-built accommodation at a low cost. The design of the pods is based on ‘passivhaus’ principles which will mean that heating requirements will be up to 90% lower and that the buildings would create their own energy, keeping costs low for tenants.

The Council's Housing Department hopes that the development of the four pods could be the first step towards delivering a variety of homes at Caernarfon in the future. The design is based on a modular system with the ability to transport the pods to specific sites and re-use them in other areas as required.

Councillor Craig ab Iago, Gwynedd Council's Cabinet Member for Housing, said: “This is an exciting scheme and I’m proud of the work of the Council's housing staff who have developed this innovative model for the pods. Because of the design, the buildings would create their own energy and there would be very low heating costs.

“The scheme underlines our desire to ensure a range of affordable housing that is low cost to maintain for tenants. The intention is to install low cost, purpose built accommodation for people who find it difficult to find a tenancy due to various reasons.

“It’s great that the model that the Council's staff have already developed is being seen as an example to emulate and it’s expected that a number of other counties will replicate it to address the need for this type of property in communities across Wales.”

The scheme has been supported through the Welsh Government's Innovative Housing Programme. A planning application has been submitted and it is expected that it will decided over the coming months.

PHOTOGRAPH: How the pods will look