Fooling the Eye exhibition at Storiel, Bangor

Date: 13/06/2019

On Saturday 22 June a new and fascinating exhibition will be opening at Storiel, Bangor. The Fooling the Eye exhibition is a collection of small quilts on this theme created by members of the Modern Quilt Group (British Isles), together with items by two guest textile artists who are local to Storiel.

As part of the opening day Dorothy Russell and Liesbeth Williams, two experienced and innovative textile artists, will be giving a talk between 2pm - 4.30pm about their influences and techniques, illustrated with work in development and finished pieces.

The open day event is an opportunity to view items by these two artists along with 32 small vibrant quilts by the Modern Quilt Group in the Fooling the Eye exhibition. These quilts explore the possibilities of optical illusions, impossible figures, shadows, layers, perspective, weaving and making three dimension appear out of two dimension through ‘Fooling the Eye.’

The entry fee for the talk is £10 which is a part of the open day event on 22 June and includes refreshments.

The Fooling the Eye exhibition will be open at Storiel, Bangor from 22 June – 31 August.

Storiel is open Tuesday-Saturday – 11am – 5pm.


1.) ‘Impossible Grid’ by Helen Butcher.

2.) ‘Maasai’ by Liesbeth Williams.

3.) ‘RichDark’ by Dorothy Russell.