A statement from Gwynedd Council's Leader and Chief Executive (19 March 2020)

Date: 20/03/2020

The latest situation

We are fully aware of the significant concerns and distress that the current situation with the Covid-19 virus is causing for people here in Gwynedd.

The UK Government and Welsh Government are responsible for leading the response to the outbreak, and the National Health Service is dealing with anyone who is suffering with the virus.

If anyone believes that have the virus, the guidance on what to do is clearly noted on Public Health Wales website.

Across North Wales, arrangements are in place for senior officers from the Health, Emergency Services and other public services, including Gwynedd Council, to meet and plan our joint-response to the direction from both governments.

Gwynedd residents can be confident that we as a Council are playing a full role in helping the National Health Service and other organisations in North Wales to try and cope with the situation.


Council Services

Gwynedd Council provides a significant range of services, and every effort will be made to maintain these to the best of our abilities.

However, the situation could change as we see the virus spreading and staff following the government direction to self-isolate or socially isolating as required.

There will be some services that we will continue to provide no matter what, for example caring for vulnerable people; protecting children and adults and paying benefits. But, to be able to do so the Council will have to consider not carrying out other services that aren’t as much of a priority for a period of time.

Some schools have already had to take steps to limit their activities, and in accordance with the national direction from the Welsh Government, every school close for a period of time from Friday, 20 March.

The Council offices continue to be open for residents that need to contact us, but, clearly it would be better if you could contact us online or over the phone whenever possible.

Contact online
Phone: 01766 771000

Also, in order to ensure social distancing, for a period of time, we are postponing any Council meetings or committees that are not needed to take key decisions relating to the authority’s business continuity.

We appreciate that this is a difficult time that is causing real concern for everyone, but we are confident that Gwynedd’s residents will pay attention to and follow the national advice, and contribute towards those community steps needed to protect our most vulnerable people.


Dyfrig Siencyn, Leader of Gwynedd Council
Dilwyn O. Williams, Chief Executive