An appeal from Gwynedd Council to help the care sector

Date: 20/03/2020

At this time, during which we are all feeling under pressure from COVID-19, maintaining services for highly vulnerable people across the County is a challenge. However, by planning well and making the most of all our staffing resources and our community resources, we are confident that we will come through this.

Gwynedd Council is seeking individuals who are available to work (in an employed or in a voluntary capacity) to help maintain services for vulnerable people requiring care. If you do not yet possess these skills, we can offer training and support. We need support in the following fields: home care, residential or nursing home care, 1:1 support services for people with disabilities, etc. We need manual handling skills, food hygiene, first aid and people who wish to care for others whatever their qualifications or current job may be.

If you are likely to be able to help (even if you are not currently employed in the sector), contact or phone 01286 679577 / 07384 876908.

Our sincerest thanks to everyone who is contributing in any way possible to maintain the Council’s services during this time, and to everyone who has had to self-isolate, or who is helping support family members and members of the community.