Help for the people and communities of Gwynedd

Date: 24/03/2020

As a result of the impact of the Coronavirus, Gwynedd Council and the Mantell Gwynedd organisation which co-ordinates the voluntary sector in the county have worked together to develop a simple guide for Community Groups which are establishing local arrangements for supporting vulnerable residents.

Many groups have come forward to play a key role in their communities offering support to vulnerable adults.

Councillor Dafydd Meurig, Gwynedd Council’s Cabinet Member for Care said:

“The response from groups and individuals across Gwynedd has been amazing and shows the special community spirit we have.

“Thank you to all the partners, residents and businesses who come together to support the vulnerable residents of our communities. Their efforts will make a real difference to the lives of vulnerable people here in Gwynedd during a very challenging time.”

Details of the support available in communities across the county can be found on the Council's website - with details being added as the information arrives.