'I'r Byw' exhibition at Storiel, Bangor

Date: 05/10/2018

In this exhibition eternal themes are interpreted with a different and contemporary twist by marking, colouring, gouging and disjoining ‘newborn’ furniture by Rhodri Owen, which explores how today’s life experiences – happiness, adversity, heritage and environment leave a mark on all of us.

In 2017 Rhodri designed and created the National Eisteddfod Chair, and he combines his experience of creating furniture with his artistic background. Rhodri has worked with eight invited artists and groups in numerous creative sessions across Wales to create unique works which reflect their experiences of living.

At Storiel a creative session with Criw Celf, under the guidance of artist Rebecca F. H. Hardy, saw them collaborate with Rhodri to adapt a three legged chair by sawing it and painting it – which is now part of the exhibition.

Rhodri said, “Using hand tools and traditional methods of working wood, I create unique bespoke furniture. A fourth generation carpenter, hand woodworking and learning about the craft as I practice it is an important part of the work for me.

“I learnt the basics, and a lot more besides, form Paul Sellers – a craftsman known worldwide for his skilled work, and I’ve worked on my own since then finishing many commissions in many different styles for a number of customers.”

The ’I’r Byw’ exhibition can be seen at Storiel, Bangor until 3 November.

Storiel is open Tuesday – Saturday 11:00 – 17:00.

For more information about Rhodri and his work go to www.calongron.com/ir-byw

Picture: ‘I’r Byw’ exhibition at Storiel, Bangor