Parents in Gwynedd encouraged to introduce their children to the Welsh language

Date: 25/10/2018
Hunaniaith, the Gwynedd based Menter Iaith is organising two training workshops targeted at individuals who work with pre-school children and their families. The workshops aim to share information on how to promote the advantages of giving children the Welsh language from an early age with the parents and families of the children in their care.

Ifan Llewelyn Jones, Language Development Officer with hunaniaith said: “We hope to see people at the workshops who work with young children and their families, such as nursery workers, child-minders and play centre employees. They will gain skills and information enabling them to discuss the benefits with parents of giving Welsh as an additional language to the youngest children from an early age.”

Nesta Griffiths from Cymraeg for Kids is working on the project with hunaniaith. Nesta outlined her contribution by saying: “I’ll be sharing information about the advantages of bilingualism and the importance of speaking and introducing Welsh to children from a very early age”. She went on to explain, “Multilingualism, regardless of which languages are included is a huge benefit to any child. In Wales two languages are used side by side; perfect social conditions for children to become used to multilingualism from an early age”.

Another presentation given at the workshops will be by Sue Layton and Gwenda Lloyd Williams, Senior Play and Development Officers for Flying Start at Gwynedd Council. Sue explained: “Our message is simple; children from any linguistic background can delight with their parents in activities that we lead through the medium of Welsh.

“We’re very experienced at using the Welsh language to lead activities, parents who join in with their children come to realise that a language that may not be spoken at home can offer children opportunities for enjoyment, learning and finding their place in the community”.

Similar workshops held last year were popular and successful. One child minder, having attended was able to discuss the benefits of multilingualism with the parents of one of the children in her care. This resulted in the couple, who were from Welsh and non-Welsh speaking backgrounds respectively, deciding to include Welsh as well as English as languages in the family home.

The workshops will be relaxed, friendly events and will including presentations, discussions, a buffet and a resource pack for attendees to take home. One workshop will be held at the Gwinllan Pant Du Restaurant on November 6th and the other at Gwin Dylanwad in Dolgellau on November 7th. Both workshops will start at 6.30p.m.

For more details please contact hunaniaith on 01286 679452 or by email: