'Victoria in Storiel' exhibition

Date: 21/10/2019

A new exhibition has opened at Storiel, Bangor which displays Queen Victoria's clothing as well as textiles and other items from the period.

On display is the black dress worn by Queen Victoria in the late 19th century, as well as her chemise, cuffs, hat and infant’s dress. Also on display is a wedding dress from the Victorian period, jewellery and accessories, shoes and paisley shawls.

The dress, consisting of a separate bodice and skirt, is made from black silk taffeta and embellished with black lace and black silk mourning crepe. The bodice is lined in fine black silk and Squares of woven wool covered with cream silk have been stitched inside the dress at the back of the neck and sleeves, presumably to provide extra warmth.

Queen Victoria’s clothes were donated to the Museum by various people, and it is interesting how similar items exist in other Museums and private collections. This exhibition will also show some aspects of style and fashion in the late nineteenth century.

The 'Victoria in Storiel' exhibition is held in partnership with the Four Nations History Festival which is being held at Bangor University on 25-26 October 2019. The exhibition also ties in with the theme of the talk which will be given by the historian Lucy Worsley as part of the History Festival.

The ‘Victoria in Storiel’ exhibition will be open until February 2020.