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Home care workers provide a lifeline for many older and vulnerable residents in Gwynedd so thatthey can live at home as independently as possible.

Over the past two years, Gwynedd Council and the Local Health Board have been working to developthe way home care is delivered so that the support is focused on helping older people to live theirlives in the way they want.

Pilot projects providing more tailored support for individuals have been set-up all over the county totest this new way of working. The new model brings together all the people and agencies involved insupporting people to work more effectively at the local level.

Why change?

About 1,000 people in Gwynedd receive home care from the Council or another care provider. But the demand for these services is far higher than the number of home care workers available and is rising steeply in Gwynedd as it is across the country.

As a result, there are frequently people who are at home without the care they require or needlessly in hospital or a residential home.Traditionally, home care support has focused on completing specific tasks at specific times of day within allocated timeslots. This way of working leaves little time to listen and understand what really matters to the individual, and to realise what kind of support they really need.

As part of efforts to tackle this problem, the Welsh Government has passed a Social Services and Well-being Act (2014) that allow sand encourages key organisations and those requiring care to work together to do things differently.

What does the new act say?

The Welsh Government, local Councils and Health Boards want to make care and support the best it can be for people in Wales. They want to help people live the life they choose, and stay independent for longer.

The new law changes the way councils and care services work. It says that:

  • people will have a stronger voice and controlover the services they receive, and that what matters to the individual is central to their care
  • people will be supported to achieve their own well-being, and helped to do what matters to them
  • people will be supported before their needs become critical
  • people will be more involved in the design and delivery of their support
  • stronger partnerships and joint working will happen between all agencies and the individual

So, what’s the way forward?

Over the next few months the Council and its partners will be working towards developing a different approach to improve services for older people through:

Tailored Home Care at a local level - this will mean that home care providers will have the flexibility to focus on what matters to each individual and to work with them to achieve this.

Setting up Local Community Resource Teams - five Community Resource Teams have been established (see map below) to deliver a range of coordinated health and care services within the community. This will help make sure that care is arranged quickly and appropriately, with health care workers, social care workers, home care workers, families, communities and the individuals themselves working together more effectively.

Further information

For more information about this project contact the Home Care Project Team on 01286 679577.

Or, contact the Team in your area:

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2. Caernarfon Area

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