What is Scrutiny and how to take part?

Local government legislation in Wales establishes a clear difference between two elements of councils’ work:

  • The Executive (The Cabinet in Gwynedd’s case) which is responsible for the vast majority of the decisions made by elected members.
  • The Scrutiny side which scrutinises the decision makers and brings them to account. 

The role of Scrutiny 

Good scrutiny identifies and realises the priorities of the Council and considers its impact on the people of Gwynedd. Good scrutiny adds value by:

  • Scrutinising the impact of schemes and services on the people of Gwynedd
  • Identifying and realising the priorities of the Council
  • Delivering promises by monitoring performance
  • Scrutinising proposed and developing policies
  • Holding the Cabinet and individual Cabinet Members to account for their decisions and delivery

The Scrutiny Committees are independent and ensure an independent challenge to the work of the Cabinet.

How can you take part in the Overview and Scrutiny work?

The Committees will welcome observations from the public.  You can send your observations to: GwasanaethDemocratiaeth@gwynedd.llyw.cymru

Attending a Scrutiny Committee meeting 

Every Scrutiny Committee meeting is held in public and anyone is welcome to come and listen to the proceedings. Work Programmes are set on an annual basis and Scrutiny Investigations are established by the Scrutiny Committees.

The public will only be excluded from Scrutiny Committee meetings on very rare occasions, where specific types of confidential information are discussed.

If you have any observations, Gwynedd’s Scrutiny Committees would like to hear from you. Members of the public can inform their local councillor or any member of the Scrutiny Committees of their observations.

Scrutiny Investigation

If you have a particular interest in a scrutiny investigation, please contact us so that we can provide your comments to the Councillors.   

You can take part in a scrutiny investigation by becoming a witness to provide specific information about the matter and provide evidence. This enables the Councillors to make informed decisions but also provides a platform for individuals and organisations from outside the Council to voice their opinion.

In addition, you can take part by becoming a co-opted member of a Scrutiny Investigation. Generally, co-opted members represent groups, organisations or members of the public who have  relevant expertise from outside the Council. 

If you want to propose a matter to be considered by the Scrutiny Committees, contact us: