Highways and Municipal

Head of Department:

Steffan Jones
Gwynedd Council
Council Offices
Shirehall Street
LL55 1SH

Phone: 01766 771000

Popular forms:

E-mailSteffanJones@gwynedd.llyw.cymru This address should NOT be used to report day-to-day problems - please use the forms above.

The Department includes:

Highways Maintenance and Municipal

Area Engineers
Street lighting
Public toilets
Playing areas
Cemeteries and crematorium 

Waste and Street Management 

Management of waste and recycling
Streetscene and street enforcement

Highways Work 

Highways maintenance workforce

Municipal Work

Waste collection
Grounds maintenance
Street cleaning
C.C.T.V workforce

Waste Treatment 

Waste disposal and composting sites


Council fleet management and maintenance

Environmental policy

In this document you can read about what the department is doing to minimise its negative impact on the environment and maximise its positive influence.



Highways asset maintenance plan