Effective Child Protection

‘Effective Child Protection’ is a practice framework designed to address the question of ‘how do we know if our child protection work is effective?’

It has been designed by Gwynedd Council by experienced child protection practitioners.  It aims to meet the real life practice needs of the social care workforce in the most demanding service arena of protecting children from harm and abuse.

‘Effective Child Protection’ is emerging as a model.  It has 4 components, presented as 4 pieces of a jigsaw.  These are:


Aims and Objectives

The project aims to meet the key Healthier Wales design principles of:

  • Directly Safeguarding children from abuse and harm through a focused approach
  • Amplifying the voice of people in arrangements that often disempower them
  • Personalising people’s experience of care by making them much more a part og the process
  • Reduce variations between practitioners and team
  • It will be evidence driven and it will evaluate from this adaptive response to practice challenges
  • It will be scalable
  • It is transformative, aiming to give focus and replace vague models currently used



This project will concentrate on training and support for staff to implement the Effective Child Protection practice framework in Gwynedd Council.  This will include a focus on four key elements (See Appendix 1 for detailed information) namely:

  • Collaborative Conversations
  • Thresholds
  • Change
  • Measurement.

The project will focus on improving practice across the Child Protection process (see Appendix 2) in particular:

  • Child Protection Case Conferences
  • Child Protection Plans
  • Core Groups.


Proposal deliverables

  • An optimised workforce in Gwynedd capable of - delivering Effective Child Protection through better conversations, focussed child protection plans, good practice in risk assessment, defined change outcomes and steps toward changes identified in practice.
  • A fully developed framework including forms, processes, tools and procedures; training material including e-learning products for scalability.
  • Evaluation report and recommendations for Gwynedd, regional and national implementation of whole or parts of product developed