Homelessness can mean more than just ‘sleeping rough’. It can include:

  • not having a place where you have a right to live

  • having a place to live but that it is in poor condition

  • being locked out

  • facing violence or threats in your home

  • that it is unreasonable for you to continue living where you live for another reason.


At risk of being homeless

You can be at risk of being homeless for many reasons:

  • home in poor condition

  • difficulties with partner / family / landlord

  • home tied to a job which is ending

  • mortgage / rent arrears.

If you are worried about being made homeless, contact the Housing Options Team as soon as possible:

We can offer support and advice on the available options in order to make sure that you don’t become homeless.


In an emergency - homeless now

If you are homeless / sleeping rough at the moment, or if you are worried about someone else, contact us:

We can assess your needs and discuss the available support.


Preventing homelessness

You can read about what the Council is intending to do to prevent homelessness by viewing our Homelessness Strategy


Homelessness Prevention Services in Gwynedd

Services available locally, giving individuals information and access to services that help prevent homelessness.