Counterfeit Goods

What are Counterfeit Goods?

Counterfeit goods are fake goods that are deliberately created to look like registered goods. The sale of counterfeit goods has become a national problem as more and more fake goods have become available.  Counterfeit goods are also known as 'pirates', 'replicas' or 'copies'.  Amongst the different types of counterfeit goods that are widely available are clothing, jewellery, electrical goods, perfume, car batteries and children's toys. 

You might think you're getting a bargain, but you need to be cautious. Large companies don't give substantial discounts on items and you could be cheated into paying a large sum of money for a dangerous or broken item.  


Why should I avoid buying counterfeit goods?

Breaking the law
It is illegal to buy fake goods using the same design/ logo as another company without their permission. Buying fake goods from criminals gives them more money to continue to cheat their customers. 


Your safety
In most cases fake goods are of poor quality and/ or potentially dangerous - 

  • Children's clothing - fake children's clothing haven't been tested against fire to the same standards, if at all.
  • Sun glasses - they don't protect your eyes from harmful rays
  • Electrical Goods - They have not been tested to the same extent, if at all

If you buy fake goods on-line you are in danger of releasing personal information or your bank details to criminals.


Complaints procedure 
Companies that sell fake goods don't have any complaints procedure in place and it would be unlikely that you would receive any compensation if you receive broken goods.  


Effects the local economy
The people that sell fake goods will not be paying any taxes and this in turn will effect the local economy.


How can I protect myself?

  • Check the URL when buying on-line, often there will be spelling mistakes in the URL and on the website
  • Check where the trader is based. Be cautious if there isn't an address, only an e-mail address or a PO BOX address
  • If making an on-line payment check that the URL starts with 'https'
  • Don't buy goods from sites you haven't heard of, use websites that have a good reputation. If your using a new website -do your research, people are always sharing their experiences and warning others in on-line forums
  • Don't open links in e-mails
  • Ensure that your security software is up to date


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