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Looking after myself

Public Health Wales are resposible for sharing and updating the latest official information on the Coronavirus (Covid-19). Follow their advice to look after yourselves and your families.
Public Health Wales 


The uncertainty and concerns felt at this time will affect many of us in different ways, creating stress and having a negative impact on mental and physical health.

'Looking after myself' booklet 
This booklet which offers ideas on how to protect your health and well-being – advice which is particularly important at the moment. 

The majority of the people of Gwynedd will have to self-isolate at some point during this period, which will feel strange to many of us; and those who are in a ‘risk’ category will have to do so for some time (people over 70 years of age, people who have long term conditions, and pregnant women). It is extremely important to be getting enough exercise at this time. Here are some exercises you could use at home. We will be working to provide further videos of this kind, specifically for older people. 

It is also important to care for the effect this will have on mental health. Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board (BCUHB) have published a ‘Mental Health and Self-Isolation’ sheet which notes some things which may help you to stay mentally healthy. 

Many people find that their well-being is greatly benefitted by taking part in the arts in some way – by writing music, creating artwork etc. Our ‘The Arts and the Five Ways to Well-being’ poster gives you simple ideas of how to benefit from creativity during this time.  

Who else can help me in my community?

Many local communities have made arrangements to help individuals who are vulnerable due to COVID19. There are groups set up for keeping in touch, making sure food and medicine can be bought and delivered, or having a friendly telephone conversation.

Details of the help available locally can be found in the directories below.

For further assistance call Galw Gwynedd on: 01766 771000 and ask for the Covid19 Support Team, or contact the team members on one of the emails below.

Residents categorised as high risk will have received a letter from the Chief Medical Officer stating that additional support is available. To discuss this please contact the Cofid19 Team through Galw Gwynedd on 01766 771000 or email:


Thank you for all the information provided to set up these directories. We’ll try to update the information on a daily basis, and if you have any information to add to the directory please email:

Bangor area directory 

Caernarfon area directory 

South Meirionnydd area directory

Llŷn area directory 

North Meirionnydd / Eifionydd area directory 


Many Gwynedd businesses are also making an effort to help by delivering goods, offering a telephone service etc. View food businesses map.

If you live in Gwynedd and need this information in another format or language please contact


Safety when receiving support

Please remember the need to be careful to protect yourself from the virus even if you are self-isolating. If you ask others to deliver shopping or prescriptions to you, remember to:

  • Ask them to leave the shopping/prescription on the doorstop, ring the doorbell and step back a safe distance whilst waiting to ensure you have picked them up safely.
  • Do not allow anyone in to your house unless you have to. If someone has to enter the home (for example if you cannot carry the bags), ask them to wear gloves, ensure there is at least 6 feet between you and them at all times, ask them to leave the bags on the kitchen table and leave.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly after touching the door, unpacking the shopping, dealing with any money, receipts etc.
  • If you must exchange cash, it should be done in plastic bags and any change should be posted through the letterbox or left on the doorstep. You should avoid passing it from one pair of hands to another.
  • If you give the shopper money beforehand, make sure you both agree on how much is there and that you get a receipt for the shopping afterwards.


Unfortunately, we know that some people are using the virus in many ways to deceive organisations and members of public. It is important that you delete any e-mails or text messages that you don’t recognise about the virus, and that you do not share your personal or financial details with anyone you do not know well.

In order to protect yourself from fraud:

  • Try to ask those close to you for help with your shopping if possible (family, friends, neighbours). If you must ask someone you do not know well, ask for as much information as possible (who they are, where they live, their vehicle registration number, etc.)
  • Where possible, try to shop online or order and pay directly with a local shop, so that the goods only need to be delivered to you.
  • Do not give your pension books or bank details to anyone you haven’t known a long time.
  • Do not allow anyone to enter your house if you do not know them unless you have arranged an appointment beforehand. Remember to ensure that no one who enters your house is ill in any way. 

Information pack: Wash your hands of Coronavirus scams!

If you are concerned that you or someone you know has been or is in danger of being a victim of fraud, contact us on 01766 771000 and ask for the Trading Standards team, or e-mail 

How do I volunteer to help within my community?

Gwynedd Council offer voluntary and paid work opportunities during the Coronavirus outbreak. 

More information about getting involved.

Helpful services

Gwynedd and Anglesey CAB
Enquiry form


Gwynedd CAB helpline
0345 450 3064 


Universal Credit Helpline
08000 241 220


Age Cymru
To register to receive a regular call from the charity:

08000 223 444

BT - help using online services

Food banks

All the foodbanks below are adhering to current coronavirus safety precautions and everybody must please keep a distance of 2m from each other at all times.


Opening hours: 

Bangor Cathedral Foodbank - Bangor Cathedral Diocesan Centre, Cathedral Close, Bangor, LL57 1RL (behind the Cathedral). Open 2-3pm Monday, Wednesday and Friday. This is an emergency service and if you don’t have a referral form to receive a food parcel please contact

Arfon Foodbank - Canolfan Gwyrfai, Lôn Cae Ffynnon, Cibyn, Caernarfon, LL55 2BD. Open 12-2:00pm Tuesday and Friday. If you are unable to get to the foodbank, or if you wish to volunteer and it is safe for you to do so, please contact, or if you’re unable to email please call 07586 053961.

You will need a voucher in order to receive a food parcel, so please contact the foodbank or 01766 771000. If you cannot get hold of someone local to provide you with a voucher, it is possible to contact a national helpline on 0808 2082138 that is open between 10 and 4, Monday to Friday. 


South Gwynedd Foodbank

Barmouth – Revelation, Park Road, Barmouth, LL42 1PH. Open 10.30am-2.30pm Mondays and Thursdays. You need to ring the doorbell and wait for instructions from the volunteers. Please do not go past the inner doors.  

Dolgellau –Dolgellau Methodist Church (near the Post Office sorting office) and not the Mantell Gwynedd office. Open 2:00pm-3.30pm Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Please go to the side door and wait for a volunteer to come and help you. Please keep to a distance of 2m at all times.

Porthmadog – The Big Rock Cafe – The cafe is closed at the moment, but will be open to distribute food parcels between 10:00am-2:00pm Tuesday and Friday. Please call beforehand to arrange access 07973 914599

Tywyn – Advent Bookshop, 40 High St, Tywyn LL36 9AD – The shop has had to close but will be open only to share foodbank parcels 11:00am-1:00pm Mondays and Thursdays.

Bala –Manna Christian Bookshop, 53 High Street, Bala LL23 7AF – The shop has had to close but please Ann Davies on 07969 362508 in order to arrange a time for collection of a food parcel.

Ffestiniog Foodbank– Church Hall, Church St, Blaenau Ffestiniog, LL41 3HB (opposite Tan y Maen Centre). Open 2:00pm-3:00pm Monday through to Friday. If you can’t get to the foodbank please call 07435 290553.

Pwllheli Foodbank – the old Ethel Austin shop, High Street, Pwllheli (not St. Peter’s Church). Open 2-3pm Tuesday and Friday. If you can’t get to the foodbank please call 07824 738789.


Others –

Bangor - Plaid Cymru Office, 70 High Street, Bangor, LL57 1NR. Open 10:00am-12pm Sundays.  

Unpaid carers

Services that support unpaid carers in Gwynedd:

Informative leaflets

Supporting families with children

Hwb Teuluoedd Gwynedd

Gwasanaeth Gwybodaeth Teuluoedd Gwynedd


Childcare for key workers
If you are a key worker and have difficulty finding Childcare Provision for your children you can find information on: Covid 19: Free Childcare for key workers


More information:


Free school meals

Free school meals arrangements will change from 20 April 2020. Gwynedd Council will be in contact directly, by e-mail or letter, with parents of all eligible children, to explain the new arrangements. 

Domestic abuse

Support for Gypsy, Roma and the traveller community 

Travelling Ahead
All Wales Advice and Advocacy Service: 0808 802 0025


If you are worried about or at risk of becoming homeless, please visit our Homelessness page.

Welsh Water - help to pay your bill

If you’re impacted by Covid-19 and concerned about your water bill, click here for more information.

If you need to contact Welsh Water about other things like updating your account, to let us know you are moving or to set up a direct debit, you can do this by visiting our online services.

Welsh Water will keep you informed of any other changes through updates via Facebook and Twitter. 


More information


  • Trais yn y Cartref / Byw Heb Ofn
    0808 80 10 800  
  • Mdiwives
    Bangor - 01248 363 097
    Caernarfon - 01286 684 105
    Dwyfor - 01745 704 329
    Meirionydd - 01341 424 853 
  • Health Visitors
    Arfon (Bethesda, Bangor, Caernarfon area) – 03000 851 609 / 851 610
    Blaenau Ffestiniog (Meirionnydd area) – 03000 853 489
    Cilan (Dwyfor area) – 01758 701 152
  • Childline
    0800 1111
    0808 800 5000
  • Dan 24/7 
    0808 808 2234 
  • Mind Gwynedd and Môn  
    01286 685279
  • Parabl
    0300 777 2257 
  • Meic 
    080880 23456 
  • Talk to Frank 
    03001 236 600 
  • C.A.L.L
    0800 132 737
  • Papyrus
    0800 068 4141
  • Gingerbrad
    0207 428 5400
  • Working Families
    03000 120 312
  • Samaritans
    116 123
    Welsh line - 08081 640 123
  • Cruse Bereavement
    01492 536577  
  • Shelter Cymru
    08000 495 495  
  • British Red Cross
    0808 196 3651  


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