Biodiversity and Planning Applications

Nature, wildlife and biodiversity issues are considered when a planning application is determined. The Planning Service may request that additional information is provided, such as a survey or an ecological assessment.  Ecological information will be required if a development has the potential to affected a protected site, a wildlife site or a protected species. More information can be found in the Validation requirements

Protected Sites

These are areas protected by law, designated for their biodiversity value.

Wildlife Sites and Habitats

Gwynedd Council has identified sites that are important areas for wildlife in the county.

Protected species

These are species that are protected by law. Bats are an example of protected species and planning applications, such as barn conversions, which may affect bats will require the submission of a bat survey.


It is the responsibility of the applicant to provide a survey report or an ecological assessment and these need to undertaken by suitably qualified experts, e.g. an ecologist.

What happens if the survey shows that there are protected species near the site?

If protected species are found, this must be considered when dealing with the application.

This may mean that the work must be done at a certain time of the year or that a natural habitat must be maintained on the site. In exceptional cases, it may be necessary to revise proposed developments or the application may be refused.

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